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Privacy statement and consents

This privacy statement sheds light on the collection, processing and use (hereafter referred to collectively as “processing”) of your personal data within the Käuferportal Online System, and in websites, functions and services offered in connection with it, irrespective of the domains, systems, platforms and devices used (hereafter also referred to collectively as “website”), plus associated services, by Beko Käuferportal GmbH, Potsdamer Platz 11, 10785 Berlin, (hereafter referred to as “Käuferportal”, “we” or “us”), as the body legally responsible for data protection.

The term “user” includes all users of and visitors to the website. Concepts used in connection with this privacy statement, such as “user”, are to be regarded as being gender neutral.

Where the consent of the user is required in this privacy statement, the passage will be specially highlighted (e.g. in bold print).

Table of contents
Käuferportal takes the privacy of your personal data seriously
Declaration of consent:
Data security
Third party providers
Distribution of information by newsletter
Collection of access data
VG Wort Collecting Society / Scaleable Centralized Measuring System (SZB)
Google Analytics
Google (re)marketing services
Facebook (re)marketing
Other services from third party providers
Your rights to information, amendments and deletion
Amendments to the privacy statement

Käuferportal takes the protection of your personal data seriously

Käuferportal will only collect, process and use your personal data in as far as it is legally permissible, or if you have given us your consent to do so. The following statements will give you an overview of when and for which purpose Käuferportal collects, processes and uses data of interested parties:

  • Käuferportal collects, processes and uses information provided by you in connection with your request for an offer for the purpose of establishing, implementing and possibly terminating a contract for providing up to three offers from suppliers of products or services requested by you. The provision of offers is free of charge and non-binding. We use your contact information to specify your request and to suggest suitable suppliers for you based on your specified request. Besides, we may inquire a later stage whether you have already received three offers from the selected suppliers. We shall only forward your request and contact information to the selected suppliers for generating a quote after you have given us your further consent. You can revoke this consent any time. Your personal data will not be passed on to any other third parties.
  • Our service is free for all interested parties. In return, Käuferportal requests you to evaluate the services of the selected suppliers following the provision of offers by email, as well as to inform us whether a contract has been concluded.
  • Your personal data will only be used by Käuferportal for commercial purposes with your prior consent. You can revoke the use of your personal data for commercial purposes at any time without stating reasons, e.g. by sending an email to the following address:
  • When someone contacts us (using the contact form or email), the user’s personal information is stored for the purpose of processing the request and for use in the event that subsequent questions need to be clarified.

Declaration of consent:

By submitting my request (by clicking on the “Compare Offers” button), I agree that Käuferportal may collect, process and use my name, contact details as well as information pertaining to my request; this is done in order to process my request, to generate a quote and to have this sent to selected suppliers. I may revoke my consent at any time for the future by sending an informal email to or by letter to BEKO Käuferportal GmbH, Potsdamer Platz 11, 10785 Berlin.

Data security

We process our users’ personal data only in compliance with the relevant data protection regulations and in accordance with the principles of data economy and data avoidance. This means, data is only processed if there is legal permission to do so, in particular where the data is required for provision of our contractual services as well as online services, where the data is prescribed by law or where the relevant consent has been given.

We undertake organisational, contractual and technical safety measures in accordance with the latest technology in order to ensure that the provisions of data privacy laws are complied with and by doing so to ensure that data processed by us is protected against accidental or intentional manipulations, loss, damage or access by unauthorized persons.

Third party providers

If, within the scope of this privacy statement, content, tools or any other resources are utilized from other providers (hereafter collectively referred to as “third party providers”) domiciled abroad, we shall assume that data is being transferred to the country of domicile of the third party providers. Transfer of data to third party states shall take place either based on legal permission granted, the consent of the user or based on special clauses ensuring the provision of a legal guarantee for the safety of the data.

Distribution of information by newsletter

The following information regarding the newsletter shall apply where a newsletter or similar service dealing with commercial content is being offered as part of our online services.

Emails with commercial content about us, our services and products are only sent out with the express consent of the users.

As long as the contents of the newsletters are not explicitly spelled out in the course of registering for the same, the newsletters will contain information concerning our company, as well as our services and offers, in particular for the range of services which the recipient has expressed interest in (e.g. when a user expresses interest in kitchens in the course of giving his consent).

Messages dealing with contractual or business relationships, on the other hand, are not regarded as commercial information. This includes, for instance, the distribution of service emails with requested comparative offers or comparable services, technical or organisational instructions within the scope of our service delivery, instructions on technical and legal amendments, queries regarding orders, etc.

The use of first and last names is meant to make the newsletters more personal.

Before the newsletter is dispatched, the owner of the email address is sent a confirmation email in which he is required to confirm his subscription to the newsletter. Unconfirmed subscriptions are automatically deleted within four weeks at the latest.

Subscriptions to the newsletter are recorded to verify the subscription process in accordance with legal requirements. This process in particular involves recording the time of subscription and confirmation.

Users may revoke their consent to the storage of their data, email address as well as the use of that information for the distribution of newsletters any time. The revocation can, for instance, be done through a link within the newsletters.

Collection of access data

We collect data on each access to the server housing this service (so-called server log files). This data includes the name of the website visited, the file accessed, date and time of access, amount of data transmitted, report of successful access, browser type and version, user’s operating system, referrer URL (previously visited webpage), IP-address and the provider making the request.

We use the log data only for statistical analysis purposes aimed at promoting the company’s own interests, security and for the optimisation of the website, without assigning such data to the person of the user or any other type of profiling in accordance with legal provisions. However, we reserve the right to carry out post-checks on the log data if there is reason to believe that there has been unlawful use of the data based on concrete evidence.


Cookies are pieces of information which are transmitted from our web servers or from web servers of third parties to the user’s web browser; this information is then stored in the user’s web browser for later use. Users will be informed in this privacy statement about the use of cookies in connection with pseudonymous range measurement. Furthermore, cookies are used for reporting purposes or for functions required by law, such as the statement that the cookie reference banner has been confirmed, range measurement should not be implemented (so-called “Opt-Out”-cookie) or the adaptation of the website design to various instruments.

This online service can also be viewed free of cookies. In case users do not want cookies to be stored on their computer, we request them to deactivate the relevant option in the system settings of their browser. Stored cookies can be deleted in the system settings of the browser. Exclusion of cookies can lead to restrictions in the functionality of this online service.

It is possible to manage many online advertisement cookies from companies on the US-American website or the EU website

VG Wort Collecting Society / Scaleable Centralized Measuring System (SZB)

We use the Scaleable Centralized Measuring System (SZM) of INFOnline GmbH ( to determine statistical parameters for establishing the probability of the duplication of texts. In this process, anonymous values are collected. The process for measuring access figures uses either a session cookie or a signature drawn from different pieces of automatically transmitted information from your browser to recognize computer systems. IP addresses are processed only in an encrypted form. This method was developed in compliance with data privacy regulations. The sole aim of this method is to determine the probability of duplication of individual texts. Individual users will not be identified at any given point in time. Their identity will always remain protected. They will not receive any commercial content through the system.

Many of our web-pages are equipped with JavaScript queries through which we report access to the VG Wort Collecting Society. In doing so, we enable our authors to participate in the the distributions from VG Wort, guaranteeing statutory payments for the use of copyrighted works as per Section 53 of the Copyright Law (UrhG).

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, a web analysis service from Google Inc., Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, (“Google”). Google uses cookies. Information generated by cookies about the use of this online service by users is generally transmitted to a server belonging to Google in the USA and stored there.

Google will use this information on our behalf to analyse the use of our online service by users, to generate reports about activities within this online service, and to provide us with other services connected with the use of the online service, as well as internet use in general. During the process, pseudonymous usage profiles of the users can be created from the processed data.

We only use Google Analytics with activated IP encryption. This means that the user’s IP-address is truncated by Google within the member states of the European Union or in other states which are party to the Agreement of the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases, is the full IP-address transmitted to Google’s server in the USA and then truncated there.

The IP address transmitted from the user’s browser will not be merged with other data from Google. Users can prevent cookies from being stored on their computers by using the relevant settings in their browser-software; in addition to that, users can also prevent the collection data generated by cookies and related to their use of the online service by Google and they can also prevent Google from processing that data by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available at the following link:

You can access more information on Google’s use of personal data for commercial purposes as well as setting options and possibilities to appeal from Google’s websites, in the terms of use of Google Analytics: and in Google’s privacy statement:

Google (re)marketing services

We use Google’s marketing and re-marketing services (in short “Google-Marketing-Services”) - Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, (“Google”).

Google marketing services allows us to display targeted advertisements for and on our website in order to present users with only those adverts which potentially correspond to their interests. If a user is presented with an advertisement for products which he displayed an interest for on other websites, this is referred to as “re-marketing”. For this purpose, a code from Google is immediately released when our website and other websites with active Google marketing services are accessed; also so-called (re)marketing tags (invisible graphics or code, also referred to as “web beacons”) are integrated in the website. An individual cookie, i.e. a small file, is then stored in the user’s computer with the help of those tags (comparable technologies can also be used instead of cookies). Cookies may be placed from different domains, among them,,,, or The file indicates which websites the user has visited, what type of content interests him and which offers he clicked on, more technical information about the browser and operating system, referring websites, time of the visit as well as other information relating to the use of the online services. Likewise the IP-address of the user is captured, although we have to point out in connection with Google Analytics, that the IP address is truncated within the member states of the European Union or in other states which are party to the Agreement of the European Economic Area, and that the full IP-address is transmitted to Google’s server in the USA and then truncated there only in exceptional cases is. The IP address is not merged with the user’s personal data within the scope of other Google services. The above-mentioned data can also be combined with similar data from other sources. When the user visits other websites at a later point, he can then be presented with advertisements tailored on his personal interests.

The users’ data is processed pseudonymously in connection with Google marketing services. This means that Google stores and processes, for example not the name or email address of the user but rather the relevant data based on cookies in pseudonymous user profiles. It also means that from the point of view of Google, the advertisements are managed and presented not for a specific, identifiable person, but for a cookie holder, irrespective of who this cookie holder is. This does not apply if a user has expressly allowed Google to process his data without encryption. Information about users gathered by “DoubleClick users is transmitted to Google and stored on Google’s servers in the USA.

The Google marketing services used by us include, among others, the online advertising program “Google AdWords”. In the case of Google AdWords, each AdWords customer is assigned a different “conversion cookie”. Cookies can therefore not be tracked through the websites of AdWords customers. Information collected using cookies is meant for generating conversion statistics for AdWords customers who have opted for conversion tracking. The AdWords customers get to know the total number of users who clicked on their advertisement and were redirected to a webpage equipped with a conversion tracking tag. However, they will not receive any information through which users can be identified personally.

We integrate advertisements of third parties on the basis of the “DoubleClick” tool in Google marketing services. DoubleClick uses cookies which enable Google and its partner websites to place adverts based on the number of visits by users to this website or to other websites on the internet.

We also integrate advertisements of third parties based on the “AdSense” tool in Google marketing services. AdSense uses cookies which enable Google and its partner websites to place advertisements based on the number of visits by users to this website or to other websites on the internet.

Another Google marketing service used by us is the “Google Tag Manager” with which other Google analysis and marketing services can be integrated into our website (e.g. “AdWords”, “DoubleClick” or “Google Analytics”).

You can get more information on data use for marketing purposes by Google at the following site:, and Google’s privacy statement can be accessed through the link:
If you want to revoke the collection of data by Google marketing services, you can use the settings and the opt-out-option available at Google:

Facebook (re)marketing

Within our online service, we use the so-called “Facebook-Pixel” of the social network website Facebook, which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA, or if you live in the EU, by Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland (“Facebook”). Using the Facebook pixel, Facebook can, on the one hand, identify visitors to our service as a target group for the display of ads, the so-called “Facebook ads”. We therefore use the Facebook pixel to display Facebook ads posted by us to only those Facebook users, who have actually showed interest in our internet service. That means, by working with Facebook pixels we would like to ensure that our Facebook ads are in line with the potential interests of the users and do not bother them. Furthermore, we can use Facebook pixels to establish the effectiveness of our Facebook ads for statistical and market research purposes, by observing whether a user was redirected to our website after clicking on a Facebook ad (so-called ”conversion” or “visitor interaction”).

The Facebook pixel is immediately integrated by Facebook when our websites are accessed and can deposit a so-called cookie, i.e. a small file, on your computer. If you log on to Facebook afterwards, or if you visit Facebook while logged in, the visit to our internet service will be recorded in your profile. Data collected about you is anonymous to us, and therefore it will not give us any conclusions regarding the identity of the user. However, the data is stored and processed by Facebook, so that it is possible to draw conclusions regarding the respective user profile. This means, usage profiles can be created from the processed data. The processing of data by Facebook is done within the framework of Facebook’s data use policy. You will find more information on hwo the remarketing pixel works and on the display of Facebook ads in general, in Facebook’s data use policy:
You can revoke the collection of your data by Facebook pixel and its use for purposes of displaying Facebook ads at any time. To do so, visit the website provided by Facebook and then follow the instructions for stopping usage-based advertisements: The settings take effect independently of the platform being used, i.e. they will be adopted for all devices like desktop computers or mobile devices. Furthermore, you can also revoke the collection of data by the website of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance at:

Other services from third party providers

The following overview is meant to inform users of our websites and online services about third party services and tools used by us which store cookies and other information about the users. Within the scope of this, usage profiles of users can be created from the processed data. The overview serves the purpose of generating a better understanding and a general view as well as the provision of related links with more information on the respective third party providers, their privacy statements as well as possibilities to appeal and privacy settings available to users (“Opt-Out”). Services of third party providers are described below, categorized by types and further followed by examples of services used by us.

Analysis – Using analysis services we can measure how users interact with our websites. This includes measuring how often users re-visit the website, what type of content they access and which links they like clicking. Based on these statistics, we can make our online services more interesting for users and, for instance, present certain content or services based on the stored information about the user. Statistical data can also be used for re-marketing or conversion purposes. Also, providers of statistical services can combine data from several websites.
Re-marketing – Re-marketing functions enable us, for instance by using web tracking, to present commercial content on our websites based on the collected data about the users. For example, users who have shown interest for a particular product on other websites can be presented with advertisements on the same product on our website. For this purpose, an individual cookie, i.e. a small file, is stored on the user’s device (instead of cookies, other comparable technologies can also be used). These cookies can be placed from different domains. The cookie registers the websites visited by the user, which contents he is interested in and which offers he clicked on, other technical information about the browser and operating system, the referring websites, time of visit as well as other information about usage of our online services. The above-mentioned information can also be combined with similar information from other sources. When the user visits other websites at a later point, he can be then presented with advertisements tailored to his personal interests.
Conversion tracking – Data collected with the help of conversion tracking is used to generate conversion statistics. The effectiveness of commercial advertisements can, for example, be followed up on by using cookies to establish whether a user who clicked on an advertisement then also decided to use the relevant service.
A/B Tests – A/B tests are designed to improve the user-friendliness and performance of our websites and services. We thereby present our users with varying versions of a website, on which the positioning of content or captions on the navigation elements may differ. We can then find out based on the users’ actions - for instance long visits to the website or frequent re-visits – which of these websites tends to meet the needs of the users best.
Heat maps – “Heat maps” are mouse movements made by the users, summarized to form an overall picture, which can tell us, for instance, which elements of the website users prefer to visit, and which ones distract the users.
Click tracking – Click tracking allows us to get a general view of user movements within an entire online service. Since the results of these tests show more accuracy if we can follow the interaction of the users over a definite period of time (e.g. if we can determine whether a user likes re-visiting a particular website), cookies are stored on the computers of the users for the said testing purposes.
Error tracking – Services of third parties are incorporated for error tracking, e.g. for detecting any incorrectly executed program code on our websites and hence guaranteeing their functionality and security. As a general rule, no personal data of users is stored and processed in connection with error-tracking.
Social plug-ins – Social plug-ins & social buttons (hereafter referred to as “social plug-ins”) are website elements which enable social interaction between users, e.g. the sharing of a website in social networks (e.g. the Facebook “Like” button, Twitter handles, etc.). Social plug-ins are executed through a code container of the respective provider (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) when our service is accessed and displayed. When you access a webpage belonging to our website which includes such a plug-in, your browser will create a direct connection with the servers of the respective third party provider. Where a so-called “2-click solution” is used, you must first activate the plug-in, before it is executed (i.e. you will be explicitly requested for your consent to activate the social plug-in). Only then will your browser create a direct connection with the Facebook servers. Hereby, the providers of the social plug-ins will receive information about the users, especially if the users are also members of the networks of the respective third party providers. This information in particular includes visits to the respective website. Social plug-ins may, furthermore, store cookies on the users’ computers and learn more about the users’ preferences in order to use this information to, for instance, display particular content on the respective social networks. To avoid being captured by the social plug-ins, users can log out from the respective social platforms and delete existing cookies after using third party web services, before they log in to their respective social networks.
Content, fonts, and user services – It may also occur that content, media, texts or user services (jointly referred to as “content”) from third party providers, e.g. videos from YouTube, city plans or graphics from other websites, are integrated in our online service. The integration of content from third party providers always assumes that the third party providers can recognize the IP address of the users, since they would not be able to send content to the users’ browser without the IP address. The IP address is therefore necessary for the aforementioned content to be displayed. Furthermore, providers of third party content can place their own cookies and process the users’ data for their own purposes. Where possible, we will use such content following the principle of data economy and data avoidance, and will select reliable third party providers to ensure data security.
The following list provides an overview of third party services, their categories as well as their providers plus links to their privacy statements, containing further information on the processing of data, and – as already previously mentioned – possibilities to appeal (so-called Opt-Out).

Your rights to information, amendments and deletion

Users have the right to receive information free of charge regarding their personal data stored by us upon request.

In addition, users have the right to have any incorrect data about them corrected, to revoke any consent issued by them, to block and delete their personal data, as well as the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant authorities in case they suspect an unlawful processing of data.

Data stored by us will be deleted as soon as it is no longer needed for the intended purpose and as long as there are no legal obligations to retain it.

To contact us in case of any questions regarding data privacy, we recommend that you send an email to the following address:

Further information

Please note that this privacy statement is applies exclusively for web pages maintained by Käuferportal. Insofar as our web pages contain links to internet pages of third parties, our privacy statement does not apply to those internet pages. Please check with the respective web pages about their prevailing privacy policy.

You will find more information about us in our legal notice: //
In case you still have some unanswered questions or if you have some suggestions and wishes, you can contact us any time by email

Amendments to the privacy statement

We reserve the right to amend the privacy statement to bring it up-to-date with a changed legal situation or if there are changes to the service rendered as well as methods of data processing. However, this only applies with regard to declarations on data processing. Where consents of the users are required or if parts of the privacy statement include provisions regarding the agreement with the users, amendments will only take effect with the consent of the users.

Users are advised to regularly check the contents of the privacy statement.

Last updated: 30th August 2016