19 Oct 2015

Mario Kohle becomes the new Executive Chairman

Responsibilities have been redistributed at the helm of Käuferportal: As Executive Chairman, Mario Kohle will be taking over the strategic positioning of the online marketplace which operates throughout Europe. Co-founder Robin Behlau is now responsible for operational activities as CEO of the company with its 300 employees. Alongside both founders, Mathias Klement will become a new member of executive management starting in November 2015.

Mario Kohle, Mathias Klement & Robin Behlau
From left to right: Mario Kohle (Executive Chairman), Mathias Klement (Managing Director), Robin Behlau (CEO)

Berlin, 19 October 2015 - Robin Behlau and Mario Kohle founded the company Käuferportal as students in 2008. In the summer of 2015, the company announced its plans to expand across Europe. The entrepreneur duo has now decided after seven years on a new distribution of tasks. Mario Kohle: "Our objective has always been to have management that is so strong that we are able be less involved on an operational level. We have now reached our first intermediate goal." Kohle will immediately take on his position as Executive Chairman of the advisory board which currently includes co-founder Robin Behlau, Lukasz Gadowski (co-founder of Team Europe Ventures), Ulrich Gathmann (Managing Director of Nordwest-Zeitung) and Maximilian Thyssen (entrepreneur and seed investor). As Executive Chairman, Kohle will be representing the company to the outside world while also intensively working on its strategic positioning in collaboration with Behlau. Kohle will also be expanding existing business relations and developing new business models to complement Käuferportal. Co-founder Robin Behlau will now be responsible as CEO for operational business as well as for coordinating the European expansion of the company with its 300 employees. Alongside both founders, Mathias Klement will become a new member of executive management starting on 1st November in 2015. As top management, the three aim to lay the groundwork together for further development. Behlau: "Even if we grow again by 50 per cent this year, we are still at the beginning. We want to take Käuferportal to the next level and feel certain that we will succeed with the new distribution of responsibilities." Klement started working at Käuferportal in 2010 as an entrepreneurial intern and most recently managed online marketing and product consultation. "I am looking forward to taking on further tasks and am very grateful that Robin and Mario have so much confidence in me – especially during this exciting phase of internationalisation", adds Klement. The founders feel they are well equipped to take on the future.

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