4 Jan 2016

The 5 Biggest Mistakes When Selling Property

Even the tiniest of mistakes when selling property can end up costing a fortune. Avoiding these mistakes guarantees that you will get the most value for your property:

1. Missing Documents

Sales documents such as the energy performance certificate, site plan, architectural plans and abstract of title make it possible to establish trust with interested buyers and to awaken their interest. However, the documents must be complete otherwise your credibility as a seller will suffer.

2. Inadequate Preparation

Sellers who are poorly prepared and inadequately informed quickly lose interested buyers. Selling a property on your own is a large-scale project that should not be taken lightly. An estate agent knows the business and can take over the planning aspect. This will save you time and stress.

3. Setting the wrong selling price

An inflated selling price can put off valuable prospective buyers. If you set the price too low in contrast, then you are giving away your money. It is therefore advisable to have an expert establish what your property is worth beforehand. This allows you to put it on the market at a fair selling price.

4. Underestimating the time needed

Not having enough time is one of the major problems faced by sellers as this puts a seller in a less favourable staring position when negotiating. If a potential buyer picks up on the time pressure, they may be able to take advantage of the situation. This may result in a much lower selling price or in disproportionately favourable benefits for the buyer.

5. Constant Availability

Have you found interested buyers? Perfect! Now make sure that they are able to reach you to make appointments and ask questions. Nothing appears more unreliable than not being available and instead leaving others in constant contact with your voice mail. If your private or professional life is too busy, it is better to contact an expert to take care of the necessary steps for you – from making initial contact to viewing the property.

Many who are selling properties decide to hire an estate agent to save time and to benefit from their well-founded knowledge and experience. To find the proper sales professional for your property, it is also advisable to research carefully when looking for a suitable estate agent.