Käuferportal matches companies with their ideal customers

About Käuferportal

Käuferportal matches companies with their ideal customers

Käuferportal is Europe's market leader in connecting prospective online customers with specifically selected and verified companies. Due to our stringent and unique qualification process, we are able to thoroughly analyse the needs of each customer and find them the best companies within their region. Our unique process also ensures that we only match our partner companies with serious customers. Both customers and companies benefit strongly from Käuferportal.

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Our Service

We provide the prospects - you close the deals

Käuferportal is Europe's leader in the online brokering of high-value products. We have been referring product enquiries from the internet to regional suppliers since 2008. Käuferportal acts as the conduit between companies and customers, making the buying process for consultation-intensive products easier for everyone involved. Our partner companies benefit from our online marketing experitse and in doing so win new customers through the internet.


What's behind Käuferportal?

Our success story: from start-up to market leader

Robin mario
On the eve of the financial crisis in 2008, two young students Robin Behlau and Mario Kohle founded the online service Käuferportal. Today, the two founders are leading a company with 300 employees, selling products with their partner companies worth one billion euros a year. This is just the beginning. Robin and Mario have a clear vision for the next five years: "Everyone who searches the internet goes to Google. Everyone who shops on the internet goes to Amazon. In five years time, everyone who needs offers for upscale purchases will go to Käuferportal."
  • Käuferportal established "on the couch"
  • Many mistakes, hard work and long nights
Order Volume
  • BITKOM Innovation Award Winner
  • TOP5 Economy Weekly- "Start-Up Contest"
Order Volume
£12 Mio
  • Käuferportal grows
  • Moved to Friedrichstrasse, Berlin
Order Volume
£40 Mio
  • From start-up to market leader
  • 1,000,000 interested parties
Order Volume

Käuferportal Case Study: Property sales

We help you grow your business through the reliable delivery of vendors
with a guaranteed desire to sell.

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Käuferportal Case Study: Stairlifts

We help grow your business through the reliable delivery of genuine interested Stairlift prospects.

%+ Market Share in Germany Stairlift
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